Cannastick GlassRx Wax Starter Kit (For use with: Wax)

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The Cannastick GlassRX is an elegant and reliable vaporizer featuring two extra machine coiled atomizers, a good-sized glass tank and built-in safety mode which prevents the battery from over-heating. 510/eGo threading make it adaptable for use with a wide range of cartridges and atomizers.

For use with: Wax

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Description by Cannastick:

This kit is for the ultimate wax and dabbing connoisseur. Created from glass and machined stainless steel the Cannastick GlassRX is our highest quality waxomizer to date. Also offering the ultimate in size and portability the Cannastick GlassRX still remains discreet.

What’s included

  • (1) Leather Travel Case
  • (1) 350mah 510/eGo-threaded Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery
  • (1) GlassRx Waxomizer
  • (2) Additional GlassRX Waxomizer Replacement Coils
  • (1) Portable Jar
  • (1) Wax Dabbing Tool
  • (1) USB Charger
  • (1) Instruction Manual


Product Video:

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