Boom Cirrus 1 (For use with: Wax, Oil)

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The Boom Cirrus is the updated version of the Yocan exGo series of tanks. Like its predecessors, it uses the Nero Technology, a state of the art heating element which burns hotter, faster (approx 5x faster than conventional heating elements) and cleaner than standard wicks and coils.

For use with: Wax, Thick Oils


The Boom Cirrus 1 tank consists of a removable mouth piece, two pyrex glass casing options, Nero Technology heating element w/ removable Dap-Cap and battery base attachment. The tank kit also comes with:

2 pcs extra nero heating element

1 pcs dab tool

1 pcs glass jar

1 pcs plastic storage case with foam padding

manufacturer’s warranty


  • Nero technology
  • Replaceable heating elements 100% made in the USA
  • no wicks, no coils
  • heats rapidly to 800F
  • Subohm at 0.65
  • Inner cap keeps glass clean during use and can easily be cleaned.
  • 510/ego threading allows it to be used with most basic ecig batteries on the market!

How to load the Cirrus 1 tank:

  1. With thumb and index finger, pull with light force from the center of the glass casing to remove it from the battery and heating element. The mouth piece will be removed along with the glass casing when you do this.
  2. Remove the dab-cap by twisting counter clockwise just above the “Yocan” etching, set safely aside once removed.
  3. With a dab-spoon, carefully prepare your dab. Various concentrates will have various ways of being applied. A dab-spoon is provided with all kits for convenience.
  4. If  concentrate is able to be molded you can roll up a dab and drop onto center of heating element directly. If concentrate has stickier consistency use dab-spoon to carefully apply the dab onto the inner ceramic wall of the chamber. Do not make direct contact with heating element at bottom.
  5. The Nechrome plate utilizing the Nero technology is a very delicate material when direct force is applied. Intense heat generated from the plate and heating element will cause the concentrate to drip downwards, due to this feature the dab-spoon doesn’t need to come in contact with the Nechrome plate at any time for any reason.
  6. Once you’ve applied your dab, reattach the dab-cap by twisting clockwise; followed up with reattaching the glass casing with mouth piece by pushing back on with light force.

The Cirrus 1 uses the same heating element demonstrated in the video below


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