The V2 Pro series 7 Review


The V2 works with wax, loose leaf herb, and e-liquids, with easy-use magnetic drop-in cartridges for each. It also offers a range of vaping experiences via its three different temperature settings. It comes with a built-in 1800 mAh battery. Buy the full kit to get the vaporizer, an e-liquid cartridge, magnetic USB charging cord and wall adapter, plus some cleaning equipment to maintain the cartridge.

Why we like it

The 3-in-1 functionality of this vaporizer makes it a great portable device – take it out with you and vape an e-liquid if you’re going somewhere that loose-leaf vaping isn’t going to be an option.

However, it’s the performance with dry herb that really makes the V2 our favorite. You’re unlikely to find better flavor than you get with the V2. We love how user-friendly it is, too.

Any downsides?

The wax component of this 3-in-1 device needs to be ordered separately, which is a minor hassle. Other than that, negative reviews from some users tend to focus on the device getting hot – and, as you might expect, that great big battery needs a lot of charging. We’ve also heard some complaints that the vapor volume from this device isn’t as big as they’d like, but if you’re using it for dry herb vaping that’s not an issue.


If you’ve taken a look around online you’ll probably know that a bunch of review sites have rated the V2 Pro Series 7 the best vaporizer on the market right now, and although we like to keep our options open we see where they’re coming from. If it’s an easy to use, all-in-one device for dry herb, wax and e-liquid that you’re looking for, this is almost certainly your best choice.

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