The Pax 3 Review


The PAX is another high-tech portable vape, offering not only Bluetooth and a smartphone app for both iOS and Android, but also haptic feedback. The lip-sensing technology built into this device activates heat when the device is brought close to your lips, and cools when it’s removed: this is not only pretty neat, but also improves the efficiency of the vape. The Pax is incredibly powerful thanks to a 3500 mAh battery, and geats up in just 15 seconds. It’s compatible with wax and concentrates as well as buds, and also comes with an insert for dabs.

Why we like it

PAX have been nicknamed ‘the Apple of Vaporizers’, and it’s not just for their Silicon Valley location: PAX devices combine stylish design with a use of technology unmatched by competitors. We love the Pax 3 for its versatility, ease of use, consistent performance and tech-driven efficiency – it saves battery life by shutting down when not in use and restarts when you pick it up again – but if we’re totally honest, we also love it because it is cool as heck.

Any downsides?

Of course, just as with a real Apple product, with the coolness comes a weighty price tag – expect to pay around $250 for one of these, and be wary if you see what appears to be a Pax 3 priced much lower. Counterfeit Pax vaporizers abound, so purchase from a reliable retailer to be sure you’re getting the real thing. Users also report a few niggles: the magnetic charger displaces a little too easily, the device gets warm when vaping, and there are mixed reviews about the strength of the hit when vaping dry herb.


The Pax 3 is a small, smart, sleek device, and its guaranteed performance is reliable, efficient and versatile: if this is what you’re looking for and you have a mid to high range budget, the Pax 3 is the perfect weed vaporizer for you. It also comes with a 10-year warranty, which is reassuring given the amount of money you’re paying out. Also available in multiple colors!

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